Sadistic City


Time Out says

Another unheralded wonder from the bizarre sub-culture of Japanese sex movies. Kishi (Taguchi from the Tetsuo films) is a timid salaryman, married with one neglected daughter. His one-time classmate Daimon (Haku Ryu, looking more like Christopher Walken than ever) singles him out for what seems to be an experiment in psycho-sexual damage. Daimon transforms Kishi's life by offering kinky sexual encounters with his own girlfriend - but then wants disturbing reciprocal favours. Backed by a great John Zorn score, Hiroki's ultra-sheer visual style turns Tokyo into an elegant fantasy city, bursting with perversity and paranoia. Just the thing to erase unhappy memories of Polanski's Bitter Moon.

By: TR


Release details

88 mins

Cast and crew

Ryuichi Hiroki
Tomoro Taguchi
Haku Ryu
Sakurako Akino
Rena Hirota
Rie Kondo
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