Safe Men


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Providence, RI. After yet another disappointing gig ('it is a Polish tradition to express appreciation through silence'), shambolic musicians Sam (Rockwell) and Eddie (Zahn) are feted at a bar by one Veal Chop (Giamatti), a fellow incompetent, who's recruiting safe crackers for his gangster boss Big Fat Bernie (Lerner). Pressed into service, the boys are happily surprised to be credited with the jobs they singularly failed to pull off. As it happens, Veal Chop's intended targets (Pais and Ruffalo) are busily and smoothly tidying up across town. Writer/director John Hamburg's first feature is a sympathetic study of bumbling underachievers, apparently aiming at low key comedy in the vein of Palookaville. In fact, it's so easy-going it barely stands up. Little attempt is made to hide the contrivances of the plot, and the film's sketchy narrative and an oddly unresolved finale undermine the better points, which include a relaxed, good-natured cast and several amusing conversational detours.


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