Saint Joan

Film, Drama

Time Out says

Even hardcore Preminger fans number this stage adaptation among his lesser works. As usual ambiguity is the theme within the theme - no big surprise when a play by an agnostic (GB Shaw) is adapted by a Catholic (Graham Greene). The film inverts the Joan enigma, with a number of ironical insights. The very production seems equivocal: deliberately bare and skimped to enable us to concentrate on the text, and/or because Preminger was not about to splash out on such a dubious box office prospect. The subsequent troubled progress and self-murder of Jean Seberg adds a further layer of ambiguity, both as eerie distraction and poignant complement.


Release details

110 mins

Cast and crew

Otto Preminger
Graham Greene
Jean Seberg
Anton Walbrook
Harry Andrews
Richard Widmark
Richard Todd
John Gielgud
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