Salon Kitty


Time Out says

Masquerading as an essay on decadence and Fascism, this predictably speculative slice of Nazi sex is aimed squarely at the box-office. Brass says his film is about 'denuding power', a thesis which he pursues with cretinous earnestness: mostly Nazis spend time stripping off in a brothel bugged by the SS. Helmut Berger stalks through this 'Cabaret' playing the Snow Queen, hiding his glacial passions beneath increasingly outrageous haute couture Nazi uniforms. A dreary love story gives the film a supposedly decent core, but the camera's gaze is firmly fixed elsewhere at the climax: Helmut's final piece of upstaging is to have himself gunned down in the shower, naked saved for Swastika wristbands.

By: CPe


Release details

129 mins

Cast and crew

Tinto Brass
Ennio De Concini, Maria Pia Fusco, Tinto Brass
Helmut Berger
Ingrid Thulin
Teresa Ann Savoy
Bekim Fehmiu
John Steiner
Stefano Satta Flores
John Ireland
Tina Aumont
Maria Michi
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