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Time Out says

Rico (Rosa) plans to be this year's 'King of Salsa' if he can sort out the complications of the threadbare plot. With father dead, he works as a motor-mechanic to support mother and sister, and he doesn't get down in grease all day just so Sis (Magali Alvarado) can jeopardise her schooling by dating his best friend. What's more he has women problems: will girlfriend and dance partner Vicki (Angela Alvarado) forgive him for flirting with Lola (Orona)? Will he sacrifice love for a better chance of winning the big prize with ex-Salsa Queen Luna (Garrison)? Will anyone care? Not with the cast delivering lines as if they're reading off autocue, and Davidson treating the plot as a meddlesome device required to stretch out the dance sets. So it's up to salsa to save the movie, but there's nothing hot and spicy served up here. The finale has the feel of a junior Come Dancing.

By: EP


Release details

99 mins

Cast and crew

Boaz Davidson
Stephen Goldman, Boaz Davidson, Tomas Benitez
Loyda Ramos
Magali Alvarado
Robby Rosa
Miranda Garrison
Rodney Harvey
Angela Alvarado
Moon Orona
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