Salt & Pepper

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Salt (Davis) and Pepper (Lawford) are owners of a Soho (London) nightclub, where a Chinese girl is murdered and turns out to have been a British secret agent. Harried by suspicious police, hunted by murderous thugs, the pair eventually uncover and contrive to thwart a coup d'état by power-crazed Colonel Woodstock (Le Mesurier), who plans to hijack a Polaris submarine and threaten to destroy a major city unless the Government bows out. The action is threadbare sub-James Bond, the gags are invariably mistimed, and most of the jokes are repeated to make sure you got them the first time round. Jerry Lewis was roped in to direct a sequel, One More Time, but it was, if anything, even worse.

By: TM


Release details

101 mins

Cast and crew

Richard Donner
Michael Pertwee
Sammy Davis Jr
Peter Lawford
Michael Bates
Ilona Rodgers
John Le Mesurier
Graham Stark
Robertson Hare
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