Salvation! Have You Said Your Prayers Today?

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Quite what Beth B - known best, if at all, for her Super-8 and pop promo work - is trying to do with this uneasy blend of camp melodrama and straight satire is unclear. The film starts promisingly with barely-sane TV evangelist Reverend Randall (McHattie) ranting direct to camera about atheism in the Big Apple. But things immediately slide downward into some sort of strident 'alternative' comedy when a sacked factory worker and his sister (Mortensen and Davalos) break into Randall's Fort Knox-like mansion and hold him hostage. Heavy Metal gets an airing, there is much post-punk posturing, and the depiction of both Randall and his devotee-abductors as universally corruptible is stale and unfunny.

By: GA


Release details

85 mins

Cast and crew

Beth B
Beth B, Tom Robinson
Rockets Redglare
Dominique Davalos
Stephen McHattie
Viggo Mortensen
Exene Cervenka
Billy Bastiani
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