Saturday the 14th

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Mr and Mrs Average inherit a creepy old mansion in which is hidden an ancient book that can summon up monsters, mostly from a cheap costume-rental shop, from the look of what turns up after Average Junior finds the manual. The book is also high on the wants list of Mr and Mrs Vampire, who in turn head the list of local exterminator Mr Van Helsing. Pretty soon the house is swamped with Things, the proceedings being played for (hard to find) laughs. It might be possible to extort money from Benjamin and Prentiss to forget you've seen this.


Release details

77 mins

Cast and crew

Howard R Cohen
Howard Cohen
Richard Benjamin
Paula Prentiss
Jeffrey Tambor
Severn Darden
Kari Michaelsen
Kevin Brando
Rosemary de Camp
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