Saudade do Futuro

Film, Documentaries

Time Out says

Like New Orleans, Havana and Kingston, São Paulo has an infectious musical vibe. Every location visited by this competent documentary is buzzing with the city's unique blend of Spanish, Cuban and New Orleans-style Zydecko. Indeed, the whole thing is almost entirely narrated through song or poetry. Some of these musical poets might sing the praises of this poor, bustling city, but others bravely wax political about the 'corrupt politicians' running/ruining their country. There's a lot of joyous dancing - a little too much, in fact - and the whole could have been a bit more snappily edited. Hardly a Buena Vista Social Club, then, but insightful and warm none the less.

By: DA


Release details

94 mins

Cast and crew

César Paes
Marie-Clémence Blanc-Paes, César Paes
Thomas Rohrer
Luiza Eruindina
Fábio Freire
Ezequias Lira
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