Time Out says

Single parent Ellen (Cheung) struggles to make ends meet driving a taxi in San Francisco and dreams of retiring to Sausalito with her young son. Mike (Lai) is a brilliant software designer with limitless access to casual sex, but scared of committing to a relationship. Their on-off romance, which starts with a back-wrenching shag in the taxi, is designed to snare the Comrades, Almost a Love Story audience. But the pseudonymous script (vulgar incidentals suggest that producer Wong Jing had a hand in it) is an anthology of clichés and the underlying assumptions about material success and 'integrity' are fairly obnoxious. Cheung does her best with Ellen and Lau tries to add interest with visual shtick. But the material remains inert.

By: TR


Release details

97 mins

Cast and crew

Andrew Lau
Chan Sap-Saam
Maggie Cheung
Leon Lai
Eric Kot
Scott Leong
Richard Ng
Snooky Kwan
Valerie Chow
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