Saving Silverman

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

There comes a point in every young man's development when a woman threatens to come between him and his buddies, and to rectify matters his pals must kidnap the bitch. The two soon to be bereft friends are Wayne (Zahn) and JD (Black), rodent wrangler and unemployable, respectively, who determine to rescue their romantically credulous pal Darren Silverman (Biggs) from the clutches of Dr Judy Fessbeggler (Peet), a lithe but heartless succubus. Not only won't she reciprocate his sexual favours, she's intent on total domination. Gender semioticians will note that Judy's rival (in the boys' eyes) is a trainee nun. Well, Judy's no whore, either despite the film-makers predeliction for dressing her down to the barest fripperies wherever possible. Mainly she's a cartoon villain who likes to play rough, but gets her due in the end. Part tongue in cheek, part genuinely inane, this is tough to get a handle on. As cinema, Dugan's lowlife comedy is bunk, full of clumsy filler flashbacks and frenetic guitar-signalled forced humour, yet interspersed with moments of wit.

By: NB


Release details

96 mins

Cast and crew

Dennis Dugan
Greg DePaul, Hank Nelken
Jason Biggs
Steve Zahn
Jack Black
Amanda Peet
R Lee Ermey
Amanda Detmer
Neil Diamond
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