Say a Little Prayer


Time Out says

Less audacious than Lowenstein's underrated Dogs in Space, this at first seems a rather tame tale of meeting-cute between a bored kid in his early teens - staying with a strict guardian for the summer holidays - and a spacy girl of around 20 who lives nearby. Gradually, however, it becomes noticeably tougher, as it fills in the reasons - without sermonising - for the girl's damaged innocence. But what finally impresses is the fluid elegance of the camera movements, the top-notch design, and the director's light touch with the boy's fantasy life, which even runs to a delicious interlude incorporating the Aretha Franklin classic of the title. Most engaging.


Release details

97 mins

Cast and crew

Richard Lowenstein
Richard Lowenstein
Sudi de Winter
Fiona Ruttelle
Lynn Murphy
Micky Camilleri
Rebecca Smart
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