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Time Out says

This could have been funny - after all, the 1983 scandal of the forged Hitler diaries should be fertile ground for satire - but Dietl and producer Ulrich Limmer's script is so leadenly obvious that the film is almost wholly bereft of laughs. Focused on the swindling partnership of 'Professor' Fritz Knobel (Ochsenknecht) - a past master of forgery in the art and antiques field - and scoop-hungry hack Hermann Willié (George), the story seems intended to highlight the hypocrisy, corruption, and enduring Nazi sympathies rampant in certain sectors of modern German society. Fair enough; but hysterical scenes of nostalgia for the Führer, witless innuendoes, and repeated readings of ludicrously banal diary entries about flatulence don't exactly make for a light touch. Indeed, the whole movie is woefully heavy-handed, with grotesquely OTT performances, most of it looks ugly, and it never gets beyond that one-joke premise about hypocrisy, corruption, etc.


Release details

111 mins

Cast and crew

Helmut Dietl
Helmut Dietl, Ulrich Limmer
Götz George
Uwe Ochsenknecht
Rolf Hoppe
Christiane Hörbiger
Dagmar Manzel
Veronica Ferres
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