Schultze Gets the Blues


Time Out says

It's clear from the opening shots of slowly tilting windmills that Schultze is going to take its time...and yours, too. After a solitary middle-aged miner (Krause) living in a small German town comes across a Cajun radio station, he instantly becomes hooked on the down-home melodies. Will the solitary Schultze travel to Louisiana to pursue his new passion? Is there ever any doubt? The movie is cute enough, but its moral—to "Live! Live! Live!" —is as cliché as a German in lederhosen.

By: RS


Release details

114 mins

Cast and crew

Michael Schorr
Michael Schorr
Horst Krause
Harald Warmbrunn
Karl-Fred Müller
Rosemarie Deibel
Wilhelmine Horschig
Anne V Angelle
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