Screwballs II – Loose Screws

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

A sequel to Screwballs (idiot schoolboys rising to the challenge of the school's last virgin, Purity Busch) in which another wave of moronic adolescents drool over bigger and yet bigger breasts. No very serious intent is involved though - the boys, like Steve Hardman and Hugh G Rection, only want to watch the girls in the changing room, or at most cop a feel with any unoccupied hand. Were Zielinski, his cast and crew as crass and pathetic as their characters for making these movies for us to watch? Well, which of us was getting paid?

By: DO


Release details

92 mins

Cast and crew

Rafal Zielinski
Michael Cory
Bryan Genesse
Lance Van Der Kolk
Alan Deveau
Jason Warren
Annie McAuley
Karen Wood
Liz Green
Mike McDonald
Cyd Belliveau
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