Season of Dreams


Time Out says

Director Rosen made animated features in Britain (Watership Down and The Plague Dogs) before moving to the US for this unenlightening rites-of-passage tale set in 1954 Montana. Megan Follows is the teenager trying to hold off the romantic advances of older youth Gedrick while rebuilding her own relationship with hard-pressed waitress mum Lahti, left to cope on her own when her husband is hospitalised. A solid cast make it all easily watchable, but there's not quite enough in the material to make it really distinctive (the similar Desert Bloom, for instance, has an A-bomb angle that gives its story a significant lift).


Release details

109 mins

Cast and crew

Martin Rosen
Victoria Jenkins
Christine Lahti
Frederic Forrest
Megan Follows
Jason Gedrick
Ray Baker
Peter Coyote
James Gammon
Kaiulani Lee