Second Century


Time Out says

Surely a candidate for one of the most bizarre movies you are ever likely to see. Young Mexican film-maker Bolado came up with the notion of taking Martin Lasalle (yes, the star of Bresson's Pickpocket) and walking across Scotland with him and a small film crew. So we see this icon of world cinema, now grey with age, wandering through Moffat and Melrose as he tackles the Southern Upland Way. Having paused beforehand on a New York stopover seeking inspiration from legendary photographer Robert Frank, Bolado captures the rolling scenery and the variable weather in 35mm, Super-8 and still photographs. The money did not extend to sound recording however, so three different unseen Spanish women of different generations comment on the story, adding Beatles lyrics and TS Eliot at will. Oh yes, and the noise of passing cars is dubbed in by someone going 'broom! broom!' in the background. In truth, the film goes on way too long, but it leaves you with spirits high in the knowledge that the cinema has not run out of new ideas and wild combinations.

By: TJ


Release details

110 mins

Cast and crew

Jorgé Bolado
Jorgé Bolado
Martin Lassalle
Robert Frank
Philippe de Saint Phallé
Tania Negrete
Alai González
Eugenia Souza
Miguel de Luna
Lorenzo Hagerman
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