Second Generation


Time Out says

Shane O'Sullivan shot this first feature on DigiBeta for £20,000. Then he persuaded Barco, one of a handful of companies manufacturing digital projectors, that he could showcase their equipment if they'd lend him a projector and hire London's ABC Piccadilly for a week. Regrettably, his ingenuity didn't stretch to arranging a press preview, so we can't comment on the system, only how the film looks on VHS tape. It's like a soap opera with a fetish for fluorescent filters - a bohemian fable, set in and around Brick Lane, in the hipster manner of Stranger Than Paradise or Mystery Train. Lili (Hanayo), a free spirit in pigtails and mini skirts, has fled an arranged HK marriage to be with 'Bobby'. She bumps into Go (Shigetomo), a young Japanese detective living in a spare warehouse flat in E1. He lets her sleep on the couch and they go their separate ways, then he gets his first case - to find a runaway Chinese girl. O'Sullivan has made a thoroughly 'London' film, yet there isn't an Anglo-Saxon in the cast. It's well scored and marked by nice touches, but it's unevenly acted and too flimsy to generate anything approaching suspense.


Release details

80 mins

Cast and crew

Shane O'Sullivan
Shane O'Sullivan
Shigetomo Yutani
Nitin Chandra Ganatra
Adrian Pang
Kriss Dosanjh
Saeed Jaffrey
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