Secret Agent

Secret Agent

Time Out says

Based loosely on a couple of Somerset Maugham's Ashenden stories, this thriller may not be one of Hitchcock's best English films, but it is full of startling set pieces and quirky characterisation. About a British spy (Gielgud) who travels to Switzerland to kill an enemy agent, but murders the wrong man, it delights in the rivalry for Madeleine Carroll's affections between Gielgud, Lorre and Young, and in the numerous opportunities for unusual thriller ingredients that the (studio-concocted) Swiss settings afford: a chase through a chocolate factory, murder atop a mountain, death in a quaint church. And there is a more serious side, with Gielgud doubting his profession and patriotism after killing the wrong man.

By: GA


Release details

85 mins

Cast and crew

Alfred Hitchcock
Charles Bennett, Ian Hay, Jessy Lasky
Madeleine Carroll
John Gielgud
Peter Lorre
Robert Young
Percy Marmont
Lilli Palmer
Charles Carson
Michael Redgrave
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