Secret Ceremony

Filme, Cinema, Drama, Thriller, Cerimónia Secreta (1968)
©DR Cerimónia Secreta de Joseph Losey

Time Out says

It's difficult to know why Mitchum, slouching through a few scenes in the ill-fitting disguise of an ageing, bearded academic with little girls on his mind, should have accepted this part. Taylor, however, is very fine as a tacky madonna: a devout prostitute who's offered a respite from the streets when a regressive child-woman called Cenci (Farrow in long wig and Pollyanna tights) adopts her as substitute mother and moves her into a mansion of art-déco splendour. No wonder then that Taylor/Laura should fervently pray 'Oh Lord, let no one snatch me from this heaven'; and as the strange 'secret ceremonies' begin, her treatment of Cenci displays the same mix of greed and generosity. Losey's mannered direction, somehow entirely appropriate, makes for a memorable film.

By: JCl


Release details

109 mins

Cast and crew

Joseph Losey
George Tabori
Elizabeth Taylor
Mia Farrow
Robert Mitchum
Pamela Brown
Peggy Ashcroft
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