Secret Tears


Time Out says

Park's follow-up to the surprise hit Whispering Corridors is an ethereal not-quite-romance between recently divorced insurance investigator Ku-Ho (Kim) and a young girl he knocks down while driving home drunk in the small hours: the silent, amnesiac Mi-Jo (Yoon), who turns out to have supernatural powers. While Ku-Ho's colleagues fret over his apparent 'Lolita complex' and investigate Mi-Jo's shadowy background, Ku-Ho himself forms a tight, telepathic bond with the girl and resolves to protect her, even when male corpses start showing up in her vicinity. The investigation of Mi-Jo's secrets gives the film its structure and denouement, but the film is at least as much a study of Ku-Ho's middle-aged frustrations and anomie as it is a supernatural thriller. The two aspects don't fully mesh, resulting in slow patches, but much of it is engrossing, intriguing and finally rather moving.


Release details

105 mins

Cast and crew

Park Ki-Hyung
Park Ki-Hyung
Kim Seung-woo
Yoon Mi-Jo
Chung Hyun-Woo
Park Eun-Sook
Chon Sun-Hwa
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