Seducing Dr Lewis

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

This undemanding old-fashioned communal comedy derives much of its atmosphere from its setting, a fishing village on the far northern Atlantic seaboard of Québec. Cinematographer Allen Smith provides an elegant opening night-time pan over the roofs of the town’s peeling clapboards as they vibrate to the sexual moans of 50 hardworking mariner couples, but TV-veteran director Pouliot’s quietly enjoyable, deftly paced drama never gets more risqué than that. The story is a Ealing-esque contrivance about the unemployed villagers’ efforts to secure the services of their first doctor in 15 years – city slicker Lewis – in order to secure a new factory contract. Composer Jean-Marie Benoît adds a jaunty, shanty-esque orchestral score and the large cast – headed well by Raymond Bouchard’s conniving new mayor and David Boutin’s innocent dupe – offer nicely judged, light-comedic performances.



Release details

Release date:
Friday April 14 2006
107 mins

Cast and crew

Jean-François Pouliot
Ken Scott
Raymond Bouchard
David Boutin
Benoît Brière
Pierre Collin
Lucie Laurier
Bruno Blanchet
Rita Lafontaine
Clémence Desrochers
Donald Pilon
Ken Scott
Marie-France Lambert
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