Time Out says

A newly formed band, sequestered in the high Andes, get together musically and emotionally. Zac, the leader, is the arrogant one, recently returned from a successful few years in New York, who tries to discipline the disparate musicians: a gay schizo hedonist, Zac's footloose brother, a guy in touch with his Ecuadorian roots, a sexy singer known as 'the fake'. Lines like, 'Let's make Inca blues!' and 'Art is flying, not making money!' sum up the philosophical debate. It's beautifully shot and contains extensive sequences of the group jamming, rehearsing and playing The music is mostly composed by the film's writing/directing/producing team of Esteban and Cordero.


Release details

110 mins

Cast and crew

Juan Esteban, Viviana Cordero
Juan Esteban, Viviana Cordero
Juan Esteban
Viviana Cordero
Ricardo Contag
Luis Miguel Campos
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