Seraphim Falls

Film, Drama
3 out of 5 stars

Time Out says

3 out of 5 stars
David Von Ancken’s relentless pursuit western completely bypasses an opening credits sequence and cuts straight to the chase. It opens in the wilderness with Pierce Brosnan’s Davy Crockett character, Gideon, being shot at from afar. He’s clearly been through this scenario one too many times before and now we, the audience, are invited to tag along for the rest of the way. It’s a rollicking start to a conceptual, post-American Civil War story that simply never lets up. It transpires that his pursuer, Carver (Liam Neeson), bears a huge grudge over something that happened between them during the war, and here he is – with the help of a bunch of villainous hired hands – still on Gideon’s trail.The simple premise to this action-filled, occasionally gruesome cat-and-mouse adventure could easily have been written on the back of a postage stamp. Yet it’s to Von Ancken’s credit that he’s managed to make a film of it at all. True, the overweight middle section is repetitive, contrived and, well, boring. But at least the views are spectacular and Brosnan, especially, is likeably quirky. Some critics have expressed disappointment at the surreal ending, but I rather liked it.

By: Derek Adams



Release details

Release date:
Friday August 24 2007
111 mins

Cast and crew

David Von Ancken
David Von Ancken, Abby Everett Jaques
Liam Neeson
Pierce Brosnan
Michael Wincott
Anjelica Huston
Ed Lauter
John Robinson
Robert Baker
Jimmi Simpson
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