Sergeant Madden


Time Out says

A Sternberg rarity these days, but little cause for excitement since it's one of MGM's insufferably smug family entertainments. Beery (his usual mugging toned down somewhat) plays a roguish New York cop, much given to adopting strays on his beat, but let down when his natural son (Curtis) follows him into the force, gives way to his overweening ambition, and drifts into crime. Stoically, Beery sets out to take him in; but never mind, his ploddingly honest adopted son (Brown) is there to take over dad's mantle. Sternberg, abetted by John Seitz's fine camerawork, lends the film vestiges of his UFA look, but can do nothing about the gross mawkishness.

By: TM


Release details

82 mins

Cast and crew

Josef von Sternberg
Wells Root
Wallace Beery
Tom Brown
Alan Curtis
Laraine Day
Fay Holden
Marc Lawrence
David Gorcey
Horace McMahon
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