Serial Lover

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Claire invites her three suitors, and her supposedly gay 'Teddy Bear', to dinner on her 35th birthday, with the intention of choosing her lucky fiancé - despite the fact she hasn't had sex for three months. Unfortunately, beau number one accidentally ends up with a knife in his chest and his hand in the food mixer. She panics and stashes the corpse in the freezer, only for beau number two to meet with equally grisly misfortune (though not before obliviously munching on number one's mashed fingers). And so on. Huth shoots this in zany wide-angles and a surfeit of pop trash style, with hyper comic cuts and big, loud performances. Against the odds, he also keeps it going for 83 more or less hilarious minutes. It's a bit like Basic Instinct. Only, you know, more basic.

By: TCh


Release details

83 mins

Cast and crew

James Huth
James Huth, Romain Berthomieu, Hugo Jacomet
Michèle Laroque
Albert Dupontel
Elise Tielrooy
Michel Vuillermoz
Zinedine Soualem
Antoine Basler
Gilles Privat
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