Sex Lives of the Potato Men

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

The repetition of the expressions 'fanny juice', 'pork sword' and 'beef curtains' will, of course, render you helpless with laughter... Potato delivery men Vegas and Crook have kinky sex with a string of Birmingham scrubbers, but rarely seem to enjoy themselves. Meanwhile their boss is stalking a former girlfriend, while a colleague consumes fish sandwiches to remind him of the personal fragrance of his ex. This boastfully pushes the boundaries of taste, but lacks either wit or skill - much like the lads-on-the-lash it's aimed at. One suspects, however, that even they will find their own antics much funnier.

By: ASm


Release details

82 mins

Cast and crew

Andy Humphries
Andy Humphries
Johnny Vegas
MacKenzie Crook
Mark Gatiss
Dominic Coleman
Julia Davis
Lucy Davis
Kate Robbins
Nicolas Tennant
Carol Harvey
Helen Latham
Angela Simpson
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