Sex Shop

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

To call this an adult comedy would be generous, it's really no more than smug titillation. Happily-married bookshop owner (Berri) can't make ends meet, so opens sex shop instead; makes ends meet, but isn't happy; returns to his loving wife (Berto), having learned the error of his ways and after failing to make Nathalie Delon. Conventional happy ending: all else wilts in the face of L'Amour Vrai. The husband's errant ways provide an excuse for the usual round of female torsos, plus the odd snatch of pubic hair as a concession to these liberal times, but it's all pretty synthetic. Limp voyeurism that provides a few laughs along the way, but not enough to justify anything.


Release details

105 mins

Cast and crew

Claude Berri
Claude Berri
Juliet Berto
Claude Berri
Nathalie Delon
Jean-Pierre Marielle
Francesca Romana
Catherine Allégret
Batrice Romand
Claude Piéplu
Grégoire Aslan
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