Time Out says

Preposterous piffle in which hopelessly miscast stage actor Sher makes a ludicrous plot worse by parading a veritable text-book of camp and wildly inappropriate theatrical gestures as the eponymous hero, a bankrupt garage owner who tries to cash in on his precognitive powers in order to raise funds for a sex-change operation. Desperate for cash, Shadey approaches an eminent businessman (Macnee), who sells him to a military research establishment, where his pacifist leanings conflict with their hawkish aspirations. Thrown in for bad measure is a voyeuristic subplot concerning Macnee's incestuous desire for his daughter (Ash). The only enjoyable moment is when Macnee's mad wife (Helmond) stabs Shadey in the balls with a fork, his exquisite agony matched by our gratifying sense of revenge.


Release details

106 mins

Cast and crew

Philip Saville
Snoo Wilson
Katherine Helmond
Patrick Macnee
Antony Sher
Bernard Hepton
Leslie Ash
Billie Whitelaw
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