She Demons

Film, Action and adventure

Time Out says

If you're curious about the more baroque sensations usually untapped by the normal film-making brain, this is your tacky dream drama. A vicious hurricane shipwrecks our heroes on a suspicious island, where the beached debutante combs her peroxide locks and complains, 'Where's my powder blue cashmere shortie?' Attention is soon distracted by Native Drums, then by radio news that they're sitting on a Navy bomb target (promptly forgotten for the next hour by the cast), and the discovery of a bevy of jungle babes in bikinis engaged in a hoochie-coo hula around a fire. Festivities are interrupted by a whip-wielding Nazi who holds the franchise on this Iggy Pop School of Dance... and from there the action proceeds along paths explicable only in terms of heavy hallucinogenic use among the script team.

By: CR


Release details

80 mins

Cast and crew

Richard E Cunha
Richard R Cunha, HE Barrie
Irish McCalla
Tod Griffin
Victor Sen Yung
Rudolph Anders
Leni Tana
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