She's Out of Control

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

What Katie (Dolenz), daughter of single parent Doug (Danza), has out of control is her sexuality. She's sweet 15, never been kissed (teeth brace and glasses don't help), and Dad can't hear the prologue of 'The Rites of Spring' playing for her. Then he returns from a convention connected with his failing '60s-sounds radio station to find his ugly duckling descending the stairs (slo-mo, to Frankie Avalon's 'Venus') in swan-white mini, cascading hair and contacts. Suitors follow in numbers: every dope-head, biker and cast-eyed no-hoper in Southern California queues outside the door, while precocious little sister mans the telephone dating system. It's desperation time for dad, his only hope being loopy Middle-European child psychiatrist Dr Fishbinder (another Wallace Shawn caricature). Dragoti's dire, dishonest, seldom humorous social comedy has all the nauseating hallmarks of a big-budget sitcom. Can't wait for the John Waters remake.

By: WH


Release details

95 mins

Cast and crew

Stan Dragoti
Seth Winston, Michael J Nathanson
Tony Danza
Catherine Hicks
Wallace Shawn
Dick O'Neill
Ami Dolenz
Laura Mooney
Derek McGrath
Dana Ashbrook
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