Shooting Fish


Time Out says

The slang title refers to the ease with which mugs are found for scams. Dylan (Futterman) is a brash American tethered by friendship and history to Jez (Townsend), a gifted but unsophisticated inventor. The film begins with an attempt at the big time - a con involving voice-recognition computers and City investors - before introducing us to Jez and Dylan's home, an Aladdin's cave inside a large gasometer in the London suburbs. Cash-strapped trainee doctor Georgie (Beckinsale) is lured to work for the boys. Though she soon susses their game, she stays on board for a complicated mixture of motives involving her Down's Syndrome brother and her growing affection for the lads. The straggly plot - they're saving to buy a country house - has an Ealing-esque energy, but the portrayal of Englishness seems ersatz and overly accommodating to the international audience. A succession of cameos provides light relief, and the film's saved by the amiable performances of Futterman, Beckinsale and, especially, Townsend.


Release details

112 mins

Cast and crew

Stefan Schwartz
Stefan Schwartz, Richard Holmes
Dan Futterman
Stuart Townsend
Kate Beckinsale
Nickolas Grace
Claire Cox
Peter Capaldi
Annette Crosbie
Jane Lapotaire
Phyllis Logan
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