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West End gals got Hugh Grant in Notting Hill; EastEnders get Shane Richie.Yes, darlin's, the Queen Vic's landlord and all-round diamond geezer Alfie Moon now plays... East End club owner Thomas Hickman. But 'old up, it's 1939, Britian's about to whup Jerry, and Thomas is runnin' a jazz club with his old lady Maisie (Wightman), when torch-singer Butterfly (Richardson) flutters in and, with a total disregard for the lack of sexual chemistry between them, sets a new record in speed seduction. Fast-forward to the present, and Tom (Ross) has just inherited an office block in Shoreditch, where he discovers, deep in the basement behind a bricked-up wall, Tommy's old gaff - and a dead body. Well done, those of you who have kept up so far, but from here on in the film descends further into farce, with enough red herrings to keep Albert Square in dinners for the rest of the series. This is all over the shop, with so much going on it's hardly surprising there's no space for any decent characterisation or plot.

By: JFu


Release details

101 mins

Cast and crew

Malcolm Needs
Malcolm Needs
Joely Richardson
Shane Richie
Glen Murphy
John Standing
Natasha Wightman
Jonathan Coy
Adam Ross
Brian Bovell
Joe Shaw
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