Shout at the Devil


Time Out says

Set in East Africa in 1913 in the days of German and English brinkmanship, this ostentatiously displays its large budget, but makes a mostly unsuccessful return to the world of colonial intrigues. Combining a slim plot about ivory poaching with some African Queen malarkey (involving blowing up a battleship), the film offers a comedy adventure that Ford or Hawks could have directed standing on their heads. But Peter Hunt seems incapable of controlling his leading men. Marvin behaves increasingly like a caricature of himself, turning to leer at the camera at the end of each take, while Moore, displaying officer qualities with all the conviction of Biggles, shows little aptitude for comedy. Barbara Parkins provides the only emotional complexity on display. Otherwise it's a Big Man's Adventure - Big locations, Big hearted, full of Manly Sentiments.


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