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Barkin, coming to on an airfield, dress around her ears and blood all over the place, utters the first of many crass expositions: 'This isn't my blood, so it must be somebody else's!' In a crazed panic, she sets off to solve the mystery, along the way falling into the clutches of a lecherous taxi-driver and a group of young ingrates (Sands and Foster among them) emulating Fellini party scenes. Flashbacks reveal that Barkin is Claire, a brassy American stunt-woman, whose fear of dying in a dare has driven her away from her railroading husband (Sheen) for one last night of spunky passion in Spain with her former lover and trapeze instructor (Byrne), whose new wife (Rossellini) stalks them with a knife. Lambert's debut fields farcical menace, wildly theatrical performances, a confusing plot and a corny resolution, while the script is a hilariously overblown gem. Miles Davis' soundtrack is the sole subtlety.


Release details

97 mins

Cast and crew

Mary Lambert
Patricia Louisiana Knop
Ellen Barkin
Jodie Foster
Gabriel Byrne
Martin Sheen
Julian Sands
Isabella Rossellini
Alexei Sayle
Grace Jones
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