Signal Left, Turn Right


Time Out says

As its title makes plain, the final part of Huang's 'urban attitude' trilogy is about a driving school. Any connection with larger questions about China's current direction is, of course, purely coincidental. Driving schools are run on military lines. The film focuses on one group of three adult pupils (there should be four, but one has married a foreigner and emigrated) and dissects their dubious reasons for wanting to learn to drive. Niu, the trilogy's chubby mascot, plays a wily photo-journalist with a yen for prestige; he is the first to cotton on to the various scams operated by their instructor. Less a plot-driven film than a series of vignettes and gags, it's often riotously funny and certainly says a lot about, Chinese driving schools in the 1990s.

By: TR


Release details

110 mins

Cast and crew

Huang Jianxin
Ye Guang Qin, Huang Jianxin
Niu Zhenhua
Ding Jiali
Ju Hao
Qi Qiao
Wang Gang
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