Silent Movie

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Right from the opening seconds, when the single word 'Hello' appears on the screen, we all know that Silent Movie is going to be very silly indeed, even for Mel Brooks. And so it is - a silent movie about the attempts of Mel Funn (Brooks), a has-been director dragged down by drink, to film a contemporary all-star silent movie, complete with raucous musical effects and explanatory titles. The trouble is, it's the kind of silliness that's too strained and self-indulgent to be enjoyable. James Caan, Liza Minnelli, Burt Reynolds and others contribute grating guest appearances. Only Brooks himself combines frenzy with grace, and there are occasional moments of barmy splendour.

By: GB


Release details

87 mins

Cast and crew

Mel Brooks
Mel Brooks, Ron Clark, Rudy de Luca, Barry Levinson
Mel Brooks
Marty Feldman
Dom DeLuise
Bernadette Peters
Sid Caesar
Harold Gould
Ron Carey
Fritz Feld
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