Silvia Prieto


Time Out says

Just turned 27, Buenos Aires divorcée Silvia Prieto (Bléfari) decides to quit her dead end cafe job, buy a canary and look for new horizons. While she can't quite shake off the attentions of her former husband, tentative romance with her girlfriend's ex brings a flicker of excitement, even if the latter is not quite to be trusted. Rejtman's portrait of Argentinian twenty-somethings continues in this vein, fanning out to investigate a series of friendships and group dynamics as the women and the men wonder what it is they want from one another. There's a vein of mild strangeness (why does the heroine cut up chicken all the time? who is the Silvia Prieto on the other side of town?), but it's not defined enough to amend the film's overall sense of bland amorphousness. Puzzlingly uneventful.


Release details

92 mins

Cast and crew

Martín Rejtman
Martín Rejtman
Rosario Bléfari
Gabriel Fernández Capello
Mirta Busnelli
Valeria Bertuccelli
Marcelo Zanelli
Susana Pampín
Luis Mancini
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