Simon and Laura


Time Out says

Throughout most of the '50s, British cinema regarded its pushy new rival, television, with a mix of alarm and disdain. While Hollywood tried to combat the small screen with CinemaScope and 3-D, the Brits mocked the medium in a series of gentle satires. Here, Simon and Laura (Finch and Kendall) are the Richard and Judy of their day, a married couple who feign domestic bliss for the sake of the small screen, but bicker constantly as soon as they're off-air. Just as in Finch's later, more savage TV satire, Network, they soon learn that acting angry for the cameras does wonders for the ratings.

By: GM


Release details

91 mins

Cast and crew

Muriel Box
Peter Blackmore
Peter Finch
Kay Kendall
Muriel Pavlow
Hubert Gregg
Maurice Denham
Ian Carmichael
Richard Wattis
Thora Hird
Joan Hickson
Charles Hawtrey
Gilbert Harding
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