Simply Irresistible


Time Out says

A brain-numbing romantic vehicle aimed at adolescents and presumably manufactured to exploit Gellar's strange mix of naivety, assertiveness and self-possession. Nevertheless, it's offensive that the film-makers deem to ignore all considerations of pace, development, plausibility or multi-dimensionality. Food as a metaphor for sex and seduction is as old as the movies, as is the use of magic for empowerment, but rarely has either been used so obviously as here. Gellar plays chirpy Amanda, whose family's Manhattan restaurant is on the slide; she's determined to save it, despite her lack of cooking skills. No matter, a pail of crabs wink at her from a fish stall, and a stranger (Durang) makes an angelic magical intervention, and her powers are transformed. That's it: a one-way ticket to Happyville. The movie drifts through on a dreamy cloud of wish-fulfilment, its escapist materialism emphasised by the art direction and whimsical score.

By: WH


Release details

96 mins

Cast and crew

Mark Tarlov
Judith Roberts
Sarah Michelle Gellar
Sean Patrick Flanery
Patricia Clarkson
Dylan Baker
Christopher Durang
Larry Gillard Jr
Olek Krupa
Amanda Peet
Betty Buckley
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