Sinbad Legend of the Seven Seas


Time Out says

Divesting the Sinbad legend of any tricky Arabic trappings in favour of a vaguely Greco-Roman orientation, DreamWorks' animation has been 'politically corrected', you might say. Not that you look to legend for the facts, but this version goes so far as to invent a whole new divinity, Eris, goddess of chaos - who enlists Sinbad's help to get her slippery hands on the 'book of peace'. Our piratical rogue doesn't take too much convincing, but a double-cross puts his head on the block. Wounded pride, threats, bribery, a smidgen of nascent decency and an eyeful of the beseeching Marina inspire Sinbad to sail off into the horizon to put the world to rights. The merits of an all-star voice cast in this instance escape me but at least the animation breaks out of kitsch Mediterranea for several dynamic supernatural set pieces. In general, the chaos principle is a pragmatic screenwriter's standby: whenever the episodic narrative flags, Eris pops up to goose it along with some new mischief. The mortals can't really compete.


Release details

85 mins

Cast and crew

Tim Johnson, Patrick Gilmore
John Logan
Brad Pitt
Catherine Zeta-Jones
Michelle Pfeiffer
Joseph Fiennes
Dennis Haysbert
Timothy West
Adriano Giannini
Raman Hui
Jim Cummings
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