Film, Drama

Time Out says

In Brooklyn, a 'sing' is a school revue, a traditional end of term show-down between juniors and seniors. So when their local high school is threatened with closure and the sing is cancelled, kids and teachers unite to save ...the sing. For all its noisy inner-city colour, this is just another variation on Romeo and Juliet and that old 'Let's put on a show' cliché. There is not a shot you have not seen, a line you have not heard, or a thought you have not rejected. Sing also fails to deliver where it really counts; the music isn't up to scratch, and the dancing doesn't cut it. The finale, all Rocky sentimentality and Lloyd Webber spectacle, is designed to raise a tear and a cheer, but Sing is nothing to shout about.

By: TCh


Release details

98 mins

Cast and crew

Richard Baskin
Dean Pitchford
Lorraine Bracco
Peter Dobson
Jessica Steen
Louise Lasser
George DiCenzo
Patti LaBelle
Susan Peretz
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