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Sergei Bodrov Jr, the young star of his father's Prisoner of the Mountain and Alexei Balabanov's Brother, makes a confident stab at direction himself in this nicely observed tale of kids on the run in small town Russia. Thirteen-year-old rifle enthusiast Sveta and her half-sister Dina are targeted by their gangster father's erstwhile gang when, on release from prison, he fails to deliver the million roubles they claim he owes. Bodrov and co-scripter Gulshad Omarova enrich this staple situation with telling detail, both psychological and atmospheric. They develop the sisters' relationship with care and credibility, while avoiding dramatic over-emphasis through measured pacing and tone. Valery Martynov's camerawork is never dull and the performances, including a winning cameo by the director, are good. But the Russian rock soundtrack is indifferent.


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85 mins

Cast and crew

Sergei Bodrov Jr
Sergei Bodrov Jr, Gulshad Omarova, Sergei Bodrov
Oksana Akinjshina
Katya Gorina
Andrei Krasko
Alexander Bashirov
Sergei Bodrov Jr
Roman Ageev
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