Ski Patrol

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

'The idea', explains executive producer Paul Police Academy Maslansky, 'is to make the first mainstream ski film in about six years, which will appeal to skiing enthusiasts, and to put it in comedic form with gorgeous actresses and interesting, panoramic scenic backgrounds, and then combine it with high action skiing and a hot music track'. First-time director Correll faithfully relays his boss' vision of a world populated entirely by haircuts with legs, playmates, second-rate clowns, and the Machiavellian rich. The plot, obviously not a high priority, has baddies scheming to oust nice old Pop by ensuring that his ski lodge fails a safety inspection; but wait...our wacky heroes in the Ski Patrol get wise to the saboteurs in the nick of time. 'I think you're an immature, wisecracking ski bum,' gorgeous Ellen tells hunky Jerry, 'actually I think you're pretty irresistible'. Actually, she was right the first time. Why do these 'zany' comedies fall back on the corniest situations and the most predictable stereotypes?


Release details

92 mins

Cast and crew

Richard Correll
Steven Long Mitchell, Craig W Van Sickle
Roger Rose
Yvette Nipar
TK Carter
Leslie Jordan
Ray Walston
Martin Mull
Corby Timbrook
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