Skin Flick


Time Out says

No Skin Off My Ass goes Romper Stomper: LaBruce's dilettantish rough-trade porn jape proves horribly misguided. Meet cheeky chappies Dirk, Dieter, Wolfgang, Reinhold and Manfred, a dissolute skinhead troupe whose butch bonding adventures around London - queer-bashing and buggering, all in a day's play - are the film's singular interest. LaBruce introduces them separately, in the crudest of broad strokes. Dirk and Dieter administer a kicking in Abney Park Cemetry, intercut with the Changing of the Guard. Wolfgang raids old ladies' handbags, before a cottaging opportunity distracts. Reinhold, a plumber, is servicing a client's pipes. Manfred however, still a virgin, gets to perform pratfalls and come over a copy of Mein Kampf.


Release details

67 mins

Cast and crew

Bruce LaBruce
Bruce LaBruce
Steve Master
Eden Miller
Tom International Yaroslav Mogutin
Ralph Steel
Tim Vincent
Jens Hammer
Nikki Richardson Nikki Uberti
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