Sky Riders

Film, Action and adventure

Time Out says

Pure slop. 'Hang-Gliders versus Left Wing Political Extremists' sounds like a bad kung-fu film, and it has about the same depth of characterisation. Laconic Coburn rescues ex-wife (bra-less Susannah) and brood from clutches of 'World Activists Revolutionary Army' (sic), who pack even bazookas in their mountain retreat somewhere in Greece. How to get at them, there's the prob. Hey! A nearby group of hang-gliding freaks! Sure enough, the Pepsi generation outwit the former Paris rioters. Hickox directs in his usual cold-blooded style, and the last twenty minutes is sheer violence and destruction (like the end of a Godzilla picture, only more mindless).

By: AN


Release details

93 mins

Cast and crew

Douglas Hickox
Jack DeWitt, Stanley Mann, Garry Michael White
James Coburn
Susannah York
Robert Culp
Charles Aznavour
Werner Pochath
Zou Zou
Kenneth Griffith
Harry Andrews
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