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Time Out says

Recipe for Road Movie Rehash, Australian-style. Take basic stock of bungled bank robbery, panic shooting of cop, and flight of two Chevy-driving teenage delinquents with young female hostage. Throw in leftovers from Bonnie and Clyde, Badlands, Thieves Like Us or The Grissom Gang. Add slices of indigenous wild life and a pinch of James Dean posturing, then spice with three-way sexual power games. A smidgen of rock'n'roll and the vaguest hint of early '60s iconography will impart the requisite period flavour. Half-bake under a hot sun for approximately 90 minutes, checking from time to time for signs of originality. Garnish generously with widescreen sunsets and shots of attractive young men and women in figure-hugging jeans. This is a useful recipe for making something out of nothing; it is reasonably filling, and if presented properly can make an impression on the eye. Consume immediately, as the contents tend to evaporate rapidly.


Release details

91 mins

Cast and crew

Don McLennan
Don McLennan
Sigrid Thornton
Simon Burke
Martin Sacks
Tommy Lewis
Lesley Baker
Harold Baigent
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