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Time Out says

Darkest Africa, 1884: cynical, grizzled trader (Howard), beautiful white woman (Ekland), self-aggrandising husband (Goslar), illicit lover (Ely), plus an endless supply of disposable natives and evil, foul-mouthed whites. The incoherent narrative sometimes tries to rectify itself with lumpen expository dialogue, and - no doubt in the name of historical accuracy - it's nasty to watch, unless you relish brandings, rape, cruelty to animals, spurting arteries, vultures working over dead natives, baby trampling, assorted deaths, and repeated shots of ankles chafed to the bone by iron anklets during the great slave trek. Black exploitation at its worst.

By: JS


Release details

102 mins

Cast and crew

Jürgen Goslar
Henry Morrisson, Nathaniel Kohn, Marcia McDonald
Trevor Howard
Ron Ely
Britt Ekland
Jürgen Goslar
Ray Milland
Ken Gampu
Cameron Mitchell
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