Sleeping with the Enemy

Film, Thrillers

Time Out says

This is in the 'never trust appearances' mould popularised by Fatal Attraction and Pacific Heights. Julia Roberts is Laura, whose particularly smooth but psychotic hubby (Bergin) demands gourmet dinners and sex on tap, and is prone to duffing her up if she fails to hang towels in the prescribed manner. Roberts is so driven by such mistreatment that she fakes her own death, reappearing as a free-at-last nobody, and is courted by a yukkily wholesome drama teacher (Anderson) in the film's risible middle section. Cue return of Bergin's unreconstituted psycho, madder and nastier than ever, for the usual climactic punch-out and final, audience-cheering pay-off. A tacky footnote to the battered wife issue.

By: SGr


Release details

99 mins

Cast and crew

Joseph Ruben
Ronald Bass
Julia Roberts
Patrick Bergin
Kevin Anderson
Elizabeth Lawrence
Kyle Secor
Claudette Nevins
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