Sling Blade


Time Out says

Thornton made his mark as writer and actor in One False Move, and his directorial debut (from his own Oscar-winning script) is similarly impressive. He gives a magnificent, hugely credible performance as a retarded man who returns to his hometown in the Deep South after spending years in a psychiatric hospital for having murdered his mother as a child. When he befriends a young boy, his life takes a dramatic new turn. Tender but rarely sentimental, beautifully acted, and shot through with dark humour, this sensitive, insightful drama avoids the usual stereotypes to powerful effect. (And catch the lovely Jim Jarmusch cameo.

By: GA


Release details

126 mins

Cast and crew

Billy Bob Thornton
Billy Bob Thornton
Billy Bob Thornton
Dwight Yoakum
JT Walsh
John Ritter
Lucas Black
Natalie Canerday
Robert Duvall
James Hampton
Jim Jarmusch
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